Hello, world!

Welcome to my digital abode. I'm Faraz—an engineer, coder, and dreamer whose mind thrives at the intersection of mathematics and technology. This is where code transforms into tangible solutions, algorithms construct efficiencies, and compilers act as magical incantations, allowing us to converse with machines.

With an enduring fondness for our splendid planet, I envision exploring distant galaxies and the boundless opportunities they may harbour.

Programming languages are my tools of trade, whether it's C, C++, Rust, Swift, Go, Haskell, LISP, Python, or something new. If it's a language, you name it, I code it. However, my realm of work extends well beyond mere coding. With a strong foundation in system programming, I am able to design secure, scalable, and efficient digital landscapes. While I'm a UNIX citizen, my journeys take me to various other territories too.

My curiosity encompasses a broad spectrum: cloud-native applications, programming language design and compiler development, operating systems, IoT and embedded systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, DevOps, and the Apple ecosystem. These fields don't merely pique my interest; they are the lifeblood of my ambition, compelling me to innovate, learn, and push the boundaries.

Open to Opportunities

I am open to exploring consulting, training, and sponsored open source projects, particularly focused on compilers and UNIX operating systems. Additionally, I am available for remote administration projects, specialising in maintaining site reliability and system uptime.