Hi, my name is Faraz Vahedi.

I am a UNIX system architect, system administrator, developer, and an aspiring system engineer who loves to become a member of WG14 and WG21 committees.

I was born in August 1996, in Teheran, Iran. I live with my parents, I have one sister, and two close friend I call brother.

I mostly write about tech, philosophy, and politics. I am into systems, networks, maths, chess, books, political philosophy, art, FPS games, etc. I use FreeBSD as my main operating systems, and besides that, I use illumos, NetBSD, and OpenBSD - but I work with whatever you give me. Windows? That's also great! ;-)

Feel free to contact me if there's anything your think I can be of some help, and read my blogs to know me better. You can always visit my services page to see what services I offer. In the meanwhile, you can take a look at my resume if you please.