Why should we care about the Freenode takeover?

You are probably all aware of the Freenode takeover[1], so let me skip the story and get down to the main point and elicit my reasons for leaving the network. There are always two valid sides to every argument and conflict, and in this case, I do personally think it is difficult to figure out what side was more culpable. But what I can see obviously, is the immature behaviour of the current board and lack of proper management which has brought more detriment to the community. Many of us have been using this network for ages, and some of us have voluntarily served the network for more than a decade. But now things have changed and the network managed by volunteers is handed over to someone who seems to have reneged on all his words and has lately been illogically acting in violation of the rules, and later on:

Non-informative imperious demands, lack of transparency and major changes unbeknownst to the staff member, insidious abuse of authority, and all things well known to those who've read the whole story is indeed a sign of hostile takeover! In case you don't know what I'm discussing, please pour yourself a cuppa and read staff members' resignation letters brought to you at the end of this post. You can also keep on searching to find more resources if my proposition does not suffice. You may also like to read open letters from communities like Athem[6].

But why should you care? Why should neutral communities and uncommitted users care at all? It is obvious: as social creatures with the power of speech and moral reasoning, we are all considered effective in a later state of our communities. Aristotle is right, human beings are by nature political animals. Some know this fact and some don't, but nothing changes us, this is how we are, and if you consider yourself an unimportant organ, you are just betraying not only this generation but also the next. I see people saying "Freenode is still serving me well and it works as it is supposed to, so I don't care! Are you unhappy? You can leave, I don't." Well, it badly breaks my heart. Stop thinking only about your interim good! Stop being self-centred. Rather, think about what this small thing you call *nothing but a drama* could bring per se. I've grown somewhere that I know in my bones what your silence could cause!

We are all responsible for what we do and for what we do not. So how could you say you don't care? You *should* care.

I removed my Freenode account, and as of now, I'm only available on OFTC, Libera, and EFnet. Check my contact page to see any update to my IRC presence. I just cannot keep on using the Freenode despite my affiliation to the network. You know, it isn't the network we loved anymore, and if we stop raising false hopes, there's very little chance to have it back genuine again. Let's improve other networks and hope that we have learnt our lesson.

And my sincere request to open-source projects: the fragmentation of your official channels from one network into two or more is by far worse than staying in the worst place. Take your stance and either support others or don't you forget that you pulled the rug out from under your friends. And don't get me wrong, my most important reason to do this is not the stories that we may or may not ever understand their veracity. The main reason is the woefully inadequate management, lack of transparency and respect, abuse of authority, and immature behaviours that have vastly harmed the community and caused an abysmal conflagration.

Staff Members' Resignation Letters

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